25 Outrageously Entertaining Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Unique

For most people, their wedding day is one of the most beautiful, important, memorable, and happiest days of their life. However, it does not...

For most people, their wedding day is one of the most beautiful, important, memorable, and happiest days of their life. However, it does not have to be just the newlyweds who will remember the day for the rest of their lives. If you put some effort and creativeness into the preparations of your wedding, it can be an unforgettable event for everybody. Of course, you can hire professional wedding planners to take care of all the necessary things, but as you will see in this post, making your wedding unique and enjoyable just by yourself might not be as difficult as you thought. In fact, there are many great tips and ideas that can help you organize an amazing wedding. From customized beer bars and funny wedding stand-in photo booths to original handkerchiefs and stylish hangover kits, check out these 25 Outrageously Entertaining Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Unique.


Have your grandmothers as the flower girls.

flower girls

Image: www.weddingbells.ca


Have a real fairy tale wedding by dressing up like your favorite movie characters.

fairy tale wedding

Image: www.thesun.co.uk


Organize a pre-wedding field day so your groomsmen and bridesmaids can get familiar with each other.


Image: Matt Murphy via flickr.com


Get a wedding stand-in for the photo instead of a photo booth.

wedding stand-in

Image: blog.myweddingreceptionideas.com


Have your own customized wedding beer bar.

wedding beer bar

Image: craftbrew.cirqlemedia.com


Do not forget to take some original wedding pictures.


Image: pixabay.com


Put your childhood photos on the bathroom doors.

funny bathroom sings

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Entertain your wedding guests with a DIY Price Is Right wheel.

Price Is Right wheel

Image: facebook.com


Let each guest pick his or her favorite song on your RSVP cards.

RSVP card

Image: buzzfeed.com


Brighten up your wedding by giving the guests sparklers.


Image: pixabay.com


Decorate your wedding cake with a funny cake topper.

wedding cake

Image: Counselman Collection via flickr.com

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Let a groomsman show the guests special cue cards.

cue cards

Image: offbeatbride.com


Have a professional artist paint your wedding ceremony.

wedding ceremony

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To prevent your guests from leaving the reception early, prepare a midnight surprise (e.g. fireworks, belly dancers etc.)

belly dancers

Image: commons.wikimedia.org


Hire an experienced DJ who will keep the dance floor packed.

dance party

Image: en.wikipedia.org


To reduce the painful consequences of the reception, give your guests hangover kits.

hangover kit

Image: Dana Robinson via flickr.com


Draw a big heart on the ground with a chalk and arrange the guests in the shape of it.

wedding photo

Image: www.woohome.com


Waste no time changing your clothes with the transformer wedding dress.

wedding dress

Image: wedding.allwomenstalk.com


Instead of a guestbook, let your guests leave a message for you in an “anniversary pinata.”

anniversary pinata

Image: pinterest.com


If the weather allows it, surprise your guests with perfectly set up picnic blankets instead of regular tables.


Image: http://ift.tt/2bHIb84

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For a better organization of the celebration, divide your reception into separate areas for dancing, eating and drinking, and chatting.

wedding reception

Image: en.wikipedia.org


Decorate the aisle runner with your love story.

aisle runner

Image: www.bridalguide.com


Give the wedding guests original handkerchiefs.

wedding handkerchiefs

Image: pinterest.com


Get a special wedding ball pit.

ball pit

Image: Becky Stern via flickr.com


Prepare some funny outdoor games and competitions for the guests.

bride on golf course

Image: shutterstock

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