[Viral Now] Three Reasons to Outsource Your Dental Marketing

Dentists have plenty of issues facing them if they open a practice. They have to deal with federal regulations about health care , Medicare...

Dental marketing

Dentists have plenty of issues facing them if they open a practice. They have to deal with federal regulations about health care, Medicare, environment, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and employment. They have to deal with treating patients and filing paperwork to insurance companies. They have to talk with suppliers of equipment, technology and dental items. Besides these, dentists have to market their practice. However, many dentists don’t know how to market their practice. Here are three reasons you should let someone else do the marketing for you.


While it may seem practical to do the marketing in-house, the truth is that doing marketing yourself will actually cost you more. You will need to hire trained professionals or have someone who does something else trained to become your marketer. This will cost you in salary, benefits, vacation time, sick time, unemployment insurance and possibly other perks, such as lunches, transportation or tuition assistance.

However, if you concentrate on doing what you do best, taking care of patients, and letting others do what they do best, dental marketing, you will save money in the long run and have a better return on your investment. You pay a fee that covers the marketing expertise, but you don’t have to pay for salaries, benefits, overhead or taxes on that person. You get all the benefits of new patients without the expense of getting them. For every dollar spent on marketing, you will gain much more in return. Be cautious about spending your money wisely. Don’t choose the least expensive marketing professional or the most expensive. The least expensive probably doesn’t have the knowledge and skills needed to do the job. The most expensive will probably charge you for things you don’t need. Find a marketing company that charges a fee somewhere in between these extremes.


As mentioned earlier, you want to hire someone with knowledge and skills to market your dental practice. You don’t want to spend money training an employee that could be more effective doing other things, such as dealing with patients’ complaints or insurance carriers. If you hire a marketing professional, the person might not understand how dental marketing is more unique than regular marketing. This lack of knowledge of skills could prove disastrous for your practice. It also could prove time-consuming to allow your employee to go through the learning curve.

When you outsource your marketing to a company, especially one that specializes in dental marketing, you are guaranteed to get the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job right. These companies have been established with the goal of marketing in mind. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if they know what they are doing. They have experts to get you the new patients in a short time. Be careful to ask questions of the marketing company to know for a fact whether you are getting the right firm for the job. You can ask questions, such as:

  • How many clients do you have that do a similar job as mine?
  • How have you helped your other clients?
  • What qualifies you to market my business?
  • What are your skills and expertise?
  • How do you measure successful campaign?

As previously mentioned, you want to pick a company that is not too expensive but has the knowledge and skills you need to be successful.


Your time is valuable. When you decide to marketing in-house, you are using time that could be dedicated to something else that is important. Even if your employees are doing the work, you still have to take time for training the employees on marketing. You also have to have your employees doing marketing instead of something else more valuable, such as filling out employee paperwork or making appointments.

Because your time is stretched among so many areas of dentistry, you need to save time where you can. You only have so many hours to get things accomplished. If you outsource your dental marketing, you will save yourself the time related to that task. Marketing can take many hours from the work week. You need to reserve that time for patients or paperwork. Let others handle the marketing for you and save you time.

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