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Although it is defined as achieving any personal or professional goal within a stipulated period of time or within a set parameter, ‘succes...


Although it is defined as achieving any personal or professional goal within a stipulated period of time or within a set parameter, ‘success’ can mean a plethora of things to different individuals. For some, success means attaining promotion at work, buying that dream car or attaining wealth and fame. For others, it could mean earning the highest educational degree or leading a well-balanced life. In spite of success and self-confidence being two separate attributes, it is often observed that one automatically boosts the other.

Not many people are self-motivated and success quotes go a long way in instilling the will to do something bigger and better. Each of us has that tiny spark that just needs to be ignited for us to shine brighter. Success quotes have witnessed the test of time and have been the reason for numerous inspirational stories. They help us achieve clarity, give directions and provide actionable inside information. Success quotes are the deep insights of people who have been there and done that. They are the produce of real life struggles and experiences. Their words express their cumulative wisdom gathered through their various living endeavours.


As human beings, procrastination is only a second nature and often we find it cumbersome to break free from the mundane comfort we live in day after day. We find anything new and challenging hard to accept and adapt. Often we comfort ourselves believing that our situation is extreme and rare and that there could not be a solution to our distresses. When we chance upon confidence quotes, some of them ring a bell within us. These quotes sometimes work like an instant source of energy and motivate us instantly. However, it is also important to ensure that the spark of inspiration is never blown away and thereby, some of us write the quotes down in our personal diaries, while other put them up as posters in their rooms so that they can be read and reread all the time. Reading success quotes makes us feel positive and maintains that nothing is impossible to achieve.

Almost all of us have chanced upon numerous quotes uttered by renowned politicians, educationists, philanthropists and businessmen. However, there is always a handful which leaves a deep impact within. This is because humans are aspirational by instinct. We tend to look up to successful people and follow their ways and means and therefore, their words of mouth appeal to us at the primary level. Quotes about success which are well structured and equipped with powerful vocabulary can work wonders with many people and motivate them for life. Also, the manner in which an idea, a thought or contemplation is expressed, strikes a chord with many people. This is also the reason why numerous quotes, have become life mantras and are being passed on from one generation to the other.

Success quotes reform mental habits so that we feel energized and motivated every day while we are in the process of achieving our individual goals. They help us pick ourselves up and push harder, especially on days we feel lazy and unconfident. They help us play through our pains and makes farfetched goals achievable. Success quotes lets us mold ourselves for the better and optimises our short comings. They have saved generations and built lives for people who have sincerely believed in them.

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