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Grab the popcorn, it’s theater time — in your own home! While it’s enjoyable to spend a night out at the movie theater, what about those ni...

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Grab the popcorn, it’s theater time — in your own home! While it’s enjoyable to spend a night out at the movie theater, what about those nights when you just want to stay in and watch a movie? Lounging on your couch or bed is great, but a home theater is even better. This theater doesn’t have to include every single element of a typical theater, it just has to be comfortable and set up correctly. Here’s what you can do to create the perfect home theater.

Choose The Right Room

Do you have an average-sized room in your home that doesn’t receive much light? If so, this is probably the best room for your theater. The less light that gets inside the room, the more it will feel like an actual movie theater. To avoid light, you could always purchase window shades that allow minimal light through. A common choice for home theaters is the basement, but this is best if you have a finished basement. This is for obvious reasons and not-so-obvious reasons. One reason that may not be so obvious is the carpeting. When choosing the room for your home theater, you’ll want to choose one that has carpeting. Every theater I’ve been to has had carpeted floors. This is for acoustic reasons, plus carpets can make for a more stylish theater, especially if it’s movie-themed!

Opt For A Projector Or HDTV

Many people may already own an HDTV. Most new models are thin and come with large screens, almost resembling a movie theater screen. If you don’t have an appropriate TV for a home theater and aren’t interested in purchasing one, you can opt for a projector and a screen. While you may have your heart set on a large TV or screen because you want your theater to be similar to a real one, you’re better off choosing one that will rest well in your space. Also, consider the distance your eyes will be from the screen. If your space is too small, it’s alright to go with smaller options — after all, that’s why the first row in the theater is often left empty.

Furnish Your Theater With Comfort In Mind

Comfort is one of the main reasons why people choose to create their own home theaters, so comfortable furniture is on the list. You can go with theater-style seating, but one or two cozy couches are just as good. This depends on how much you want your space to look like a theater. Along with comfortable furniture, you’ll need some sturdy furniture to hold your equipment. You can decide to hang your TV on the wall or place it on top of an entertainment stand. Depending on the entertainment stand, there will most likely be a decent amount of space in which to place any DVD players, Blu-ray players, etc. One thing that you will want to hang, rather than position in your console, is the speakers.

Arrange Your Receiver

The receiver is used to keep everything running properly. Most parts of the system should be plugged into the receiver for easy and organized management. The picture you’re seeing on the screen, along with the sound you’re hearing from the speakers, is due to the help of the receiver.

Choose Appropriate Speakers

Speakers have a large impact on the theater experience. Speakers are available in all different sizes. There are bookshelf speakers and standing speakers. Installing surround sound with your speakers adds to the overall movie-watching experience.

Don’t Forget The Decor

The cherry on top is the decor. There is a great deal of home theater-related decor out there. This includes rugs, wall art, throw pillows, and more! Some of these have theater-related images like popcorn, film rolls, and soda pop. You can even add your very own red carpet or some red curtains to resemble the ones seen in the theater.

The sooner you get everything you need for your home theater, the sooner you’ll be sitting down and relaxing in it! So grab your favorite flick and don’t forget the popcorn and candy!

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