[Trending Now] Ever Wonder Why You Always Have Cold Hands And Feet, There Is A Serious Disease Why This Happens!

If your hands and feet  are always feeling cold , then there might be something wrong with your health . There might be reasons why you a...

If your hands and feet are always feeling cold, then there might be something wrong with your health. There might be reasons why you are always feeling numb on your hands and feet. 

Here are the following disease that can be the result of the numbness of your hands and feet:
1. Anemia
- If the person is low, then the iron could have affected the formation of the thyroid hormone and it would not let the body perceive the right temperature. 

2. Diabetes or High Blood Pressure
- it could also have an effect on the blood vessels of the body which does not give enough blood to the peripheries which can result to sudden change of temperature. 

3. Raynaud's Disease
- This can happen more often to women rather than men. This restricts the capillaries of the body from having blood. 

Here are some of the things that you could do to have avoid diseases. You can take these preventive measures:
1. Wearing leg warmers or gloves can make you feel warmer to avoid the tingling sensation. 

2. Change in lifestyle - Be sure to avoid taking in alcohol and cafeen to make the body stronger. 

3. Herbal alternatives
-You can try taking in different herbs such as cayenne pepper and gingko biloba. It would generate heat inside the body to keep it warm.


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