[Todays Viral] A new villain was introduced in the deleted scene of "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice"? Must read!

Warner Bros . released a deleted scene from " Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice " and it confused more critics of the signifi...

Warner Bros. released a deleted scene from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and it confused more critics of the significance of the said scene. As a result, more questions were raised about the movie itself.

It has the title of "Communion". The video shows how a group of soldiers arrest Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), presumably after the movie's final battle, after his interaction with an alien-like creature.

Netizens claim that the creature is a re-imagining of Steppenwolf, a general from Superman's greatest foe, Darkseid. It was rumored that the alien warlord will be main villain in the upcoming Justice League film in 2017.

The video also have a glimpse of the Mother Boxes, sentient supercomputers made by the New Gods, which is the same race Darkseid belongs to.

Watch the deleted scene below!

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