[Controversial] Ancient Megaliths And The Illuminati

To understand how the Illuminati are linked to the giant megalithic sites around the world, first you have to understand the Illuminati b...

Ancient Megaliths and the Illuminati

To understand how the Illuminati are linked to the giant megalithic sites around the world, first you have to understand the Illuminati belief system. Then, once the two can be linked conclusively, some rather large questions come to the surface.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, or lack of religious beliefs, the fact that arguably the most powerful organization on the planet is using its power to make certain you or I never know our birthright is maddening. The global elite are literally stealing mankind’s history from us, locking it up, and throwing away the key. For more on destroying history, be sure to check out, The Smithsonian: Where “Forbidden Archeology” Goes to Die.

With regard to understand the Illuminati’s beliefs, understanding them is the central pillar to being able to understand how they are involved in the largest cover-up in human history. The Illuminati believe they are the actual lineal descendants of the great Gods of Egypt known as Isis, Osiris and Horus. They also believe these same gods actually come from SPACE. Imagine how shocked they were last year to find out Osiris’s tomb was found in Egypt. That article is below.

Frankly, I don’t care if they believe they are linear descendants of the tooth fairy, but what I do care about is learning the truth about the past they are keeping from us. I understand a fair number of the megalithic sites around the world have plausible explanations for how it’s “possible” they were built by man of the day, but the explanations given for how most of them were built don’t even pass the laugh test. Allow me to give an example to prove the point:

Did you know that the earth’s ideal distance from the sun is 91,287,092.9?

Don’t feel bad, most people today don’t know that even with all our fancy technology and Internet access, much less ancient man having access to that knowledge.

So, how do you explain that the builders of the Great Pyramids in Egypt knew to make the distance 9128.709 inches between the Great Pyramid’s two north side corner sockets and is the first dimension, line, number to be addressed when preparing to enter it? Do you suppose that was just dumb luck?

How do you suppose the four corners of the Great Pyramid all sit EXACTLY on N, S, E, and West to within 1/2 a degree? I could go on for days with the Great Pyramid, but I think I’ve proven my point, but if you feel it’s necessary, you can do some research and learn they had access to dozens and dozens and dozens of astrological mathematical figures that would have had no way to know. If you decide to do more research here, might I suggest checking out the following first: What Secrets Does One of the Oldest Maps on Earth Tell Us? Plenty! Even Einstein couldn’t debunk that one, so I doubt you will.

So, here’s the way I see who built the massive megalithic wonders of the world that have survived thousands of years. As best I can tell, all the ancient mysteries can be boiled down to one of three possibilities.
  1. Either ancient man in his loin cloth, without the help of so much as a wheel, was able to build that which we would struggle to build today thousands of years later, and with all our technology; OR
  2. There was another race of creatures here before us, perhaps a race of Giants, something virtually every ancient culture in the world has myths and stories that suggest giants were real, and they roamed the earth. Even the Christian Bible talks about the sons of God who came down from Heaven, mated with human woman and produced offspring known as the Mighty Nephilim in the Book of Genesis; OR
  3. Beings from another world came here and settled, for at least a time, and manipulated mankind’s DNA in some way. The earliest writings known to man in ancient Sumerian Sanskrit texts explain an encounter like this is exactly what happened. It is also the basis for a new theory where Scientists discover that Human DNA Bears a Message from Extraterrestrials 
Regardless of your belief system, there is something for everyone, except the first one. I’ll let the hopelessly gullible continue to believe ancient man was able to do things we could hardly do today, and the religious and the non-religions can argue over who exactly the civilization that predates us was… but we have to have access to that information, and below is why I am convinced the Illuminati are involved…

Despite personally having no idea myself why it would be important to them, as you’ll learn below, last year the tomb of Osiris was found in ancient Egypt, and I’m sure that it was a very big deal to the Illuminati. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never know specifically why it’s so important, because such things are hardly talked about in public. In today’s society, the very mention of the words, “New World Order,” or The Illuminati in a crowded place tends to cause a rather fast acting chilling effect on anyone in the vicinity, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? There has to be something that beyond the “tin foil hat jokes,” because people get very visibly uncomfortable.

We live in a time when information is more abundant than ever, but we also live in a time when The Global Elites Use Mass Media to Manipulate the Consensus Reality of Society more than ever. The media controls what makes certain things ok to talk about, and other’s not ok to talk about. For example, trying to make sense of Forbidden History and Hidden Symbols That Connect All Major Ancient Civilizations Worldwide.

Before you watch the first video below, you should know that today’s Secret Societies believe they are lineal descendants of the great Gods of Egypt known as Isis, Osiris and Horus. They also believe these same gods actually come from SPACE. Knowing that fact, doesn’t it seem suspicious to you that virtually every megalithic site, dating all the way back 200,000 years, all share the same Illuminati obsession with Orion?

Why do both the ancients and the Illuminati have this supreme loyalty to the constellation Orion, and more specifically, to ORION’S BELT? Does anyone honestly think that cave dwellers from all four corners of the globe all had the same imagination, and they ALL saw a soldier in the sky, they ALL knew he was deserving of much praise, and they all know that the THREE STARS that make up ORION’S BELT were somehow special?

With millions of stars in the sky, and without any city lights, I’m supposed to believe that every culture knew to build monuments aligned with those three stars? REALLY? Here’s a question: Have you personally looked in the sky lately and seen the constellation Orion? Have you seen how many starts are up there? Find someone who knows nothing about constellations. As long as they don’t know what Orion looks like, ask them to pick three stars to build monuments to, and see if they all actually pick the same three stars?

There is NO WAY, and yet we’re supposed to believe that every culture from every corner of earth looked up and saw the same thing? PA-LEASE! Furthermore, even if we entertain the insane notion that every primitive being had the exact same imagination regardless of location or environment, that STILL doesn’t explain why they ALL gave such importance to the BELT of all things. Not the shield, not the arrow, not his sword or dagger, but his BELT? I am of the belief that there is a direct correlation between the ancient megalithic alignments, and the modern day Illuminati obsession with the astrological alignments.


Make no mistake, the Illuminati are a rotten bunch. Below is a brief half our documentary that you should find very helpful in understanding the Illuminati motives. Just never forget: At the core of their beliefs is that they are descendants of the Gods. In their minds, that makes you a slave. End of story, following the video, is an article on the tomb of Osiris that was found last year.

The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality. The Illuminati—along with other secret societies—were outlawed by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, and were permanently disbanded in 1785.[1] In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they had regrouped and were responsible for the French Revolution.
In subsequent use, “Illuminati” refers to various organizations which claim or are purported to have links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, though these links are unsubstantiated. They are often alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games and music videos.

The Illuminati movement was founded on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria as the Order of the Illuminati, and had an initial membership of five.[2] The founder was the Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt (d. 1830),[3] who was the first lay professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt.[1] The Order was made up of freethinkers as an offshoot of the Enlightenment and seems to have been modeled on the Freemasons.[4] Illuminati members took a vow of secrecy and pledged obedience to their superiors. Members were divided into three main classes, each with several degrees, and many Illuminati chapters drew membership from existing Masonic lodges.

The goals of the Illuminati were to eliminate superstition, prejudice and the domination of government, philosophy and science by the Roman Catholic Church, to reduce oppressive state abuses of power, and to support the education of women and encourage their treatment as intellectual equals. [1] Weishaupt’s original plan was for the Order to be named the “Perfectibilists”.[2] The group has also been called the Bavarian Illuminati and its ideology “Illuminism”.

Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members, including Ferdinand of Brunswick and the diplomat Xavier von Zwack, who was the Order’s second-in-command. [5] The Order had branches in most European countries and reportedly had around 2,000 members over a span of ten years.[1] It attracted literary men such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder and the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar.

In 1777, Karl Theodor became ruler of Bavaria. He was a proponent of Enlightened Despotism and his government banned all secret societies including the Illuminati. Internal rupture and panic over succession preceded the society’s downfall.[1] A government edict dated March 2, 1785 “seems to have been deathblow to the Illuminati in Bavaria”. Weishaupt had fled and documents and internal correspondence, seized in 1786 and 1787, were subsequently published by the government in 1787. [6] Von Zwack’s home was searched and much of the group’s literature was disclosed. [5]


An amazing discovery has been made by a Spanish-Italian archeological team in Egypt – an ancient reproduction of the mythical Tomb of Osiris, the god of the dead in Egyptian mythology, was found in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes.

The tomb complex is a huge multi-level structure which includes numerous chambers and shafts. It consists of a massive hall hold together by five pillars and has a staircase leading down to the funerary complex adorned with the carvings of Osiris. The funerary room also has the relief of demons brandishing knives, which, according to the archeological team, were placed there to guard the body of the deceased.

The tomb is constructed around the emerald statue of the god, which is located in a central vaulted chapel and faces a staircase with a 29.5 foot long shaft cut into it. This shaft leads to another empty chamber, which, in turn, has another, 19.6 feet long shaft connecting to two other rooms. Here is a sketch showing the entire structure of the tomb of Osiris:

The researchers consider that the ancient tomb was built between 760 BC and 525 BC, date corresponding to the period of the rule of the 25th dynasty (760 – 656 BC) and the 26th dynasty (672 – 525 BC). This estimation is mostly based on the architectural similarity of the newly discovered tomb with another funeral complex devoted to Osiris – the so-called Osireion located in the city of Abydos, Luxor.

According to an article written in Luxor Times Magazine, the Osirian symbolism is very clear in this ancient tomb, which contains “a big staircase of 3.5 meter long with a 4 meter high ceiling at the bottom leading to the Netherworld and another one leading directly to the Osiris statue, which is therefore at a higher level and ideally isolated on ‘his island’; the Osiris statue itself; the empty corridor surrounding it which symbolizes the channel of water (see Osireion in Abydos); the expected burial chamber below the statue, thus identifying the deceased with Osiris.



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