[Viral Now] 8 Reasons to Buy a New Car in 2016

As we move closer to that big game, we see more and more car ads on television or on the radio. During that game, you will see a number of ...

8 Reasons to Buy a New Car in 2016

As we move closer to that big game, we see more and more car ads on television or on the radio. During that game, you will see a number of car advertisements. You might be thinking that it’s time to trade your old clunker in for a new car or truck. Make 2016 the year you do that. Here are some reasons why it makes sense to purchase a new car in 2016.

1. Transportation

Almost every adult needs to have a car, especially if they don’t have access to public transportation. If you need a car to get you from Point A to Point B on a regular basis, you don’t want to rely on older models. Their parts can malfunction more easily, and you would not be able to get to work. Also public transportation fees continue to increase, which might not fit with your budget. Having your own car means you won’t have to stand at a bus stop in the rain or snow. You will be able to come and go when you want. You’ll spend less time on your commute.

2. Economy

The economy is continuing to get better, but the car industry has too much competition, which means you can get sweet deals because car dealers want your business. Because the economy is improving, you are more likely to have discretionary income that you can spend on a new car and get the deal you seek.

3. Looks

Have you ever wondered why car ads always show cars looking shiny and sleek? The reason is that people are drawn to buying something that looks good. People are more likely to buy a car that has been washed at the dealer than one that has snow or mud on it. The better a car looks the more likely the person will buy. The interior has to look as good as the exterior. 2016 model cars look great on the outside and super on the inside of the car.

4. Gas mileage

Get rid of the gas guzzler and buy one with great gas mileage. It doesn’t matter that gas prices are lower than they have been in the last few years. You still should have a car that will let you go hundreds of miles without having to fill the tank. The money you save on gas can pay for the monthly payment of the 2016 car.

5. Features

More and more cars are sold because of the gadgets they provide. Listen to Chevy commercials. The company touts its ability to connect to the Internet. This is a problem people didn’t think they had. Now, everyone has to have Internet in the car. 2016 models also offer features for comfort, such as car seat covers. These make driving comfortable. You can get a discount if you decide you have to have them. Anti-lock braking systems, built-in GPS, anti-theft devices and roadside assistance are other popular features that come in most 2016 models.

6. Reliability

Your older car is more likely to leave you stranded on the side of the road. A new car usually will not break down. Also, you might be offered roadside assistance if it does break down on a highway.

7. Upgrade

You should buy a new car if you want to upgrade from a compact to a sedan or from an economy car to a luxury vehicle. You also can upgrade from a car with poor emissions to one that is environmentally friendly. Cars are like phones. People upgrade when they want to get a better one not because they absolutely need a new one. In 2016, you have many choices for your upgrade. You are sure to find the right fit.

8. Environmentally Conscious

Make 2016 the year you protect the environment more than you have in the past. For example, you can buy an electric or hybrid car, a car from a company that uses recycled materials, a car from a dealer that plants trees, a car that runs on biofuels or solar power, or some other feature that protects the environment beyond air pollution controls. As you can see, 2016 is a good year to buy a car. You can trade your older car for something newer and sleeker. At the same time, you will be happier and have fewer repair headaches.

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