[Viral Now] 5 Things To Expect When You Go Gambling In Las Vegas

Is it your first time going to Las Vegas this weekend? Or are you just in the process of planning your trip? As a first timer, you might th...

5 Things To Expect When You Go Gambling In Las Vegas

Is it your first time going to Las Vegas this weekend? Or are you just in the process of planning your trip? As a first timer, you might think that Vegas is all about gambling. And you’re right! There’s no other place in the world that can make gambling fun like Vegas, but you have to know a few things before you can walk into some of the world’s best casinos.

1. You don’t need to pay for drinks.

Drinks are free in most casinos while you’re playing their games. This is one of the ways that they keep people playing and spending all their money, often losing. You will probably get the most drinks from a slot game, and with your blood alcohol level rising, there’s no way you would make sense of your slot prizes. At least you had fun!

2. You can’t win at everything.

Sure, you always see it in movies–players looting thousands of dollars in gambling. In reality, this is very unlikely to happen, and definitely not multiple times. If you get beginner’s luck and win 10 grand on your first night, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll make half that money the next day. That’s why it’s called “gambling”. Nothing is definite and you have to be prepared to lose all the money that you’re betting.

3. Bring lots of cash!

I know you might think this is for the games, and that you have an ATM card that’s filled with moolah, but the reality is that casino ATMs are rip-offs. The smallest amount you can withdraw from most casino ATMs is $200, and the charges can be $10 or more. If you don’t want to waste money with unnecessary withdrawals, it’s better to have actual cash in your pocket. It’s also easier to play when your money is already on hand. All you have to do is bring it out and play!

4. You need to have some background if you want to play fairly.

Unlike in the lottery, bingo, or other recreational gambling games, gambling in casinos require at least some background. How can you play poker if you don’t know what the value of the cards are? There are tons of games in the casino that you can play, like poker, slots, roulette, bingo, and blackjack. If you want to enjoy these games, at least have some idea how they are played and what’s at stake at every round.

A good way to prepare yourself is by reading about these games online. Knowing how they work and how to win in each game will prepare you for the actual play. However, don’t have high expectations. As stated earlier, winning isn’t guaranteed, and it’s highly unlikely for you to get a hundred thousand or anything close to that. Unless you’re cheating, which brings us to…

5. Card counting isn’t illegal, but you can get in big trouble for it.

Although technically card counting isn’t forbidden by law, the casino security will not tolerate it. In fact, some of the things shown in movies about card counting could possibly be true, like kidnapping and mugging the card counter or even killing them if they got a huge jackpot prize out of it. Other casinos can be less violent and just ask you to admit your card counting and return the money you won, without negotiations (otherwise, you end up like the first example).

This is also why casinos have tight security surveillance and guards. They are always on the lookout for card counters. In some cases, instead of blatantly informing the player that they know about his card counting, some casino security personnel just get the card counter drunk so that he won’t be sober enough to count cards.

Even as a newbie, you can enjoy your Las Vegas trip at the world’s top casinos and entertainment clubs. All you need is some solid background information, plenty of cash, and a realistic expectation of what you’ll be when you get back from your trip. You might not go home a millionaire or win boatloads of cash, but the experience will surely change you for the better.

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