[Viral Now] 5 Male Athlete Hairstyles for the Entrepreneur in You [Infographic]

It’s no news that most athletes become successful businessmen, with Sports being an industry with great revenue streams. And while we all k...

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It’s no news that most athletes become successful businessmen, with Sports being an industry with great revenue streams. And while we all know having experience in one industry and learning from your own successes and failures can lead to a great entrepreneurial mind, let’s not exclude the looks. We can’t argue here that most athletes understand with good looks comes self confidence and that itself is a solid trait among successful people.

While you check out this great infographic by Men’s Hairstyles Club which lists some of the best male athletes hairstyles of the moment, let’s explore what each hairstyle says about your approach in business.

1. Baby Faced Assasin’s Low Fade

NBA star Stephen Curry totally owns not just his talents, but his looks, as well. Stephen keeps his looks clean and clear. What does this haircut say about you, in case you’re going for it? I’m not afraid to show my worth to the world. Sports and business are competitive universes, and being able to just put yourself out there is a great step forward. If you plan on launching a B2C business model which involves face to face meetings and talking to people, this is a great choice for you!

2. OBJ’s Faded Frohawk

Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t just do touchdowns to score, he does great hairstyles too. For a more aggressive determined look, OBJ complements his looks with a generous beard. What does this hairstyle say about the entrepreneur in you? A crystal clear ‘Bring it on!’ attitude. Seriously, if you see yourself as a modern CEO under 30 type, get down to business and start with a good hairstyle.

3. Beckham’s Combover Fade

A retired sports star, David Beckham still captures the hearts and headlines of people and newspapers worldwide. What we can learn from his hairstyle is that your personal brand can take you to higher realms. This hairstyle ‘screams’ of confidence, experience and personality. If you plan on exploring a business model strongly linked to your own personality, this might be the best fit for your look. Plus, an extra touch for personal branding.

4. Blackbeard’s Mohawk Beard Man-Bun Combo

Brian Wilson, ladies and gentlemen, adventurous not only in baseball, but also in everyday life. This hairstyle has ‘be the better version of yourself’ written all over it. More suited to those who enjoy an active everyday gym lifestyle, and definitely not for those weak of heart, this hairstyle works best if you’re the type who enjoys challenges. Definitely a justice doer for an entrepreneur passionate about bringing the same values in business and life.

5. King Henrik’s Classic Slicked Combover

Henrik Lundqvist is owning this look not just by the looks of it (pun intended), but also by the dedication required. Keeping a hairstyle like his requires commitment, extra care and patience. Yes, three attributes every entrepreneur should look for. If you’re going for this hairstyle, make sure it reflects your business personality, as well.

And remember: Attitude can determine if you make it or break it in your line of business. So be confident!


source: Men’s Hairstyles Club

Featured photo credit: Nick Page via flickr.com

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