[Trending] 10+ Powerful Photos Showing What’s It Like To Be A Mom From The 2016 Birth Photography Competition

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) has announced the winners of its 2016 photography contest, and the...

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) has announced the winners of its 2016 photography contest, and the results are breathtaking. Now it its fifth year, the competition celebrates “the beauty of birth and the skill of birth photographers” in three categories: labor, delivery, and postpartum. What’s it like to be one of these intrepid photographers?

“Birth photography is a highly specialized field and the choice to have the experience documented is an intensely personal decision,” explains IAPBP’s press release. “It involves the birth process, environment, the parents and those in attendance. Birth photography encompasses the tears of joy, the wonder of bringing a new life into the world and celebrates family. The photographers who specialize in the field use their art to tell the story of birth.”

See the link below for more info on IAPBP, and how you can join:

More info: birthphotographers.com (h/t: huffpost)

First Place Winner


Image credits: Marijke Theon

Best In Category: Labor


Image credits: Apple Blossom Families

Best In Category: Delivery


Image credits: Birth Blessings Photography & Childbirth Services

Best In Category: Postpartum


Image credits: Natalia Walth

Honorable Mention


Image credits: Krista Evans

Honorable Mention


Image credits: Angela Gallo

Honorable Mention


Image credits: Alexandra Kayy


Image credits: Jennifer Martin


Image credits: Daniela Justus / Monet Nicole


Image credits: Coastal Lifestyles PhotographyBridget Clarke


Image credits: Line Sena

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