[Todays Viral] 30 qualities of a perfect girlfriend! #13 will surely make guys happy!

Let's face the fact that we are seeking for different qualities of a person. Some men claim that they will only be attracted to a girl...

Let's face the fact that we are seeking for different qualities of a person. Some men claim that they will only be attracted to a girl that fits their standards and their taste. There really is no such thing as a perfect girlfriend, but there can be a girl that will suit the "qualities of a perfect girlfriend" right?

Here are 30 Qualities of a perfect girlfriend:

1. Cute nerd
- Some people doesn't like nerds, but then one hot and beautiful nerd is different! 

2. Secret gift
- Having a girlfriend who surprises you by sending gifts that you like the most is awesome! 

3. Based God
- This is the part when your girlfriend isn't wearing any make up, yet she still looks wonderful! 

4. Matchy matchy
- Having a girlfriend who wants to wear similar shirts with you, is perfect! 

5. Plays video games
- It doesn't matter who plays better, at least you will be able to play your video game and bond with your girl right?

6. Plays soccer
- Watching a soccer game with her is fun, but watching her play inside the field is different! 

7. Delivery girl
- Who wouldn't want a girl who does every effort just to bring your favorite food to you?

8. Do a "relationship goals" photo 
- This is the best part of being in a relationship, it's when your girl asks to do a relationship goals photo with you! 

9. Dresses comfortably
- A woman who doesn't care about what she's wearing, for as lon as she's comfortable with it and that she's playing video games.

10. Will buy you the newest video game disks
- Even if you didn't ask for it, she'd still buy it for you! 

11. Always thinking of you
- It's great to have a partner that will give what you even if she's away.

12. Prepares lunch box
- Nothing will be cuter than a woman who prepares yourlunch and places cute messages on it! 

13. Unexpected photos
- This is every man's dream. When his partner suddenly sent him a photo of herself, less clothed than the usual.

14. Surprising messages
- This happens when she slept over your place and the next morning, you'll find surprising messages on unexpected things! 

15. Put pranks on you
- This is indeed the cutest yet also the most irritating quality of a girl.

16. You can complain the time needed to reply her text

17. Dirty talking with you in the most unexpected moment.

18. A girl who wouldn't annoy you with too much texts will be perfect! 

19. Having a girl who responds to your jokes, including the dirty ones is the best! 

20. Pulling a prank on her, but instead of looking mad at you, she still becomes a lot cuter.

21. A woman who can take over the wheel when you're tired is awesome! 

22. A smart girl who knows what you're talking about.

23. Doesn't run out of topics to talk about.

24. Who loves exercise. Nothing would be better than having a date in a gym! 

25. Hangs out with her girls. In this way, she'll understand that you also have to hang out with your friends and buddies! 

26. Loves herself
- She would definitely be able to love you, if she loves herself too.

27. Doesn't make you pay for everything, every time. 

28. Smells good. You would always wish to be with her to smell her hair, her perfume and everything about her.

29. Asks you out. She doesn't wait for you to ask her out, if she misses you then she'll run into your place and ask you for a date.

30. Last but not the least, a perfect girl is the one who will love you for who you are.


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