[Controversial] Illuminati Eye, Pyramid, 33, & other Symbols Are Not Evil

A real intelligent person, a truly enlightened individual, can turn the tables on the dark, secret, so-called Illuminati that rules the worl...

A real intelligent person, a truly enlightened individual, can turn the tables on the dark, secret, so-called Illuminati that rules the world…with a little White Magic of Truth. Yin-Yang.

Did you know there is something GOOD behind evil symbols? Why should you?

Secret Societies, those part of the Occult, who call themselves the ‘Enlightened ones’ don’t know this until they reach top levels… and not even.

Illuminati Eye, Pyramid, 33, & other Symbols Are Not Evil

[Wait, who’s writing this? Are you one of them, Tray Caladan? Proudly, no!

I wouldn’t want to be associated with today’s elite scum and villainy. I’ve studied History and Fascism: How the powerful have oppressed the helpless over the last 13,000 years. Truth is…we Indians, in our different cycles, have been on Earth for 60,000 years and originated from a Paradise-Eden-Utopia later called ATLANTIS.

My 45 years of research on the subject shows 13 original Atlantis (Grid) locations and proves War, violence and aggressive tendencies are not in the primal nature of human beings. Not.

Point is, today: Bad has been made good and good made bad; right wrong and wrong right. It might surprise the so-called elite NWO rulers that dark Symbols they’ve perverted and shoved down our throats In Plain Sight…were and are holy, pure, good and righteous. TAKE THAT CROWLEY!].

First, let’s understand that Adolph Hitler took a sacred symbol of peace and love and goodness…

And perverted it! Examine the chart and HOLY symbols before the swastika:

One-Eye is certainly used by Satanic Hollywood (look up on YouTube) and CBS and Big Brother, but actually refers to Egyptian Horus, son of Osiris and Isis.

But who were father Osiris, mother Isis and son Horus (aka Ra)? This is not dark Black Magic paganism, folks. Originally, there was nothing evil in Egypt.

THIS IS THE HOLY FAMILY! Those bastards that rule the modern world of today understand this; we are not meant to. We are meant to misunderstand in confusion and fight and believe EVIL paganism and perversions of wicked Egypt.

Wait until the movie ‘Gods of Egypt’ arrives and like all prehistoric epics: ‘They’ will totally pervert truth and hand us LIES. Always lies while the truth is always buried under sands of our own ignorance and apathy.

The very ones that produce big, historical movies and control big television networks, etc. KNOW THEY ARE LYING in ‘historical’ epics that we ‘suck up with a spoon.’ While they have secret access to Vatican archives and so much more. They know; we don’t because we have faith authorities aren’t lying about history when they are.

What did the movie and TV series ‘Stargate’ program us with? (Not only are Stargates and Time Tunnels real) They made the holy Gods of Egypt the Enemy and ruthless tyrants like Ra and Anubis that demanded worship from Jaffa slaves.

Not true and neither were early Indians as bloodthirsty, sacrificial savages. Although, dumb cowboys would think they were. [The power of films and TV].

Royal families, the Monarchies, today and for hundreds of years have interbred BLOODLINES in a twisted way as to recreate The Holy Family, the original one, which was perfect and eternal.

[Christ had a daughter who was saved and gave birth to a bloodline that lasted until French kings in the Middle Ages with a family name of ‘Merovingian.’ Producers of ‘The Matrix’ knew this fact well].

Sorry (I’m not) to tell the Super Rich and ‘Religious’ hierarchies of Earth, but they’re wrong and fooling themselves and everyone else down the chain of the social pyramid. Doesn’t really matter, they’ve twisted and soured everything Jesus to where very few of you really know what the great teacher was about.

Doesn’t matter that they have not duplicated the real, holy bloodlines of JC…They, the secret ruling Order, BELIEVE THEY HAVE AND ARE GODS.

So, to them, they are the ‘Watchmen’ Egyptian gods and act as Machiavellian Masters of the World, faultless. They believe their secret Agenda is right and have acquired incredible power and influence over the ‘sheeple’ they spy on and manipulate in every way.

You’ll see how the great Evil (phantom Sith?) and degeneration that has consumed society, previously mentioned in these bastard rulers [have you watched TV or heard music recently?]…actually [get ready to laugh] honor Jesus Christ. Ain’t that a kick in the pants? I think I just jabbed Crowley one more time.

Spiritual man, Jesus, must have been connected to the true Gods of Egypt and incarnations in Inca-lands and the much earlier Atlantis.

Edgar Cayce and some truly enlightened Brahmins of India and others would agree. Arthur Matthews believed strongly that Nikola Tesla was Jesus Christ. Matthews, Tesla’s son, had inside information before he passed in 1986 and hinted of this in his book.

Question: How do we know our rulers are evil with this self-imposed type of Manifest Destiny over us? Could they really honor the Christ and be right? Answer: Do they act as angels or demons? Are they a fountain of bright knowledge or a Black Hole that sucks you dry creating more and more poor and destitute?

No. The elite act and play like very late kings of Egypt, spoiled, mad rulers thousands of years after the great ages of the distant past.

The Royals act like the very fascists that they are. Moses, only several thousand years ago, freed the people, the Egyptian slaves. They needed freeing and so do we today ‘under the thumb’ of the New Roman Empire.

Spirals are also used in the occult. In the DiCaprio (just met the dark Pope) movie, ‘The Revenant,’ a spiral is used to identify a canteen. It could have been any symbol or image. The spiral was significant, used in many films.

Check YTs that analyze major films for deeper meanings. You’ll be shocked at programming or messages beneath storylines; a different example is ‘The Shining’ and other Kubrick films.

Once you know key images, words or numbers, then some things you’ve seen in old movies to current performances will suddenly make sense. Do research. There is a whole universe we’ve missed, because most do not know the secrets – wink – wink – codes placed in ‘innocent’ entertainment.

THE PYRAMID. How have the Mystery Schools, these self-exalted shadow Children of some Grand Dragon Order or cabal, how have they misunderstood the Giza Great Pyramid? Their POV comes from the Dark Ages.

Enlightened masters of old really were not so wise. They were f-ing Ignorant!! Oh, they knew how to manage and engineer people, under fascism.

They knew how to make the masses FEAR. They knew how to slaughter them in wars then let them only eat cake. They knew how to steal large amounts of money from poor masses. They knew how to hide things in secret as if that was a special hold over others not in the Club.

Because a Mystery School has Occult knowledge from 500, 1000 or 2000 years ago, does not make it correct. It makes it hidden stuff, that’s all.

Well, ‘they’ believe pyramids represent their fated dominance over us: The stone levels must mean the Social strata of many lower classes all the way up to a few Families at the very top of power. Look, no capstone…therefore it must mean the Royalty (Priesthood) RULES OVER ALL and are never a part of commoners…

This is another joke; let’s take the opposite of a few elites having everything and possibly a little will ‘trickle down’ to the billions on lower levels. (You know, the many who should be grateful for every dime the State provides).

The opposite is what a PYRAMID truly was and is. They are energy Power Generators many thousands of years old or extremely advanced versions of Tesla’s Tower, the ‘Magnifying Transmitter.’

POWER, ENERGY, ELECTRICITY and MAGNETISM beaming out to the globe, freely GIVEN through the ground! No charge high tech! No wars or militaries… in utopia.

Great Pyramid is a defunct mechanism these days with a worn, missing top, a non-operational Power Station and part of a prehistoric World Grid that included Stonehenge, Easter Island and 10 other amazing Cradles of Civilization or sub-stations. Guess who knows this and have made us believe 13 is unlucky?

13 is a magic number, all right. It represents the Fall of Man or Atlantis, but do not forget this was a FREE ENERGY global system! It was not sold electricity. This was unlimited POWER…amplified, natural energy that moves a compass. We were cheated out of another Threshold of Utopia at the start of the 20th Century.

Do you understand, people? How a little Knowledge is power, if the right knowledge…that’s the way of truth and light and Light Side of “the Force.”

Which side are you on, brute Force? Or a loving, giving, beautiful light-energy inside all life and nature? THE BLACK ARTS ARE WRONG. Illuminati have superior power, influence and control over us as we’re pushed to even lower levels in time.

They are Church and State and the very things their rebel founder (Adam Weishaupt) was against. What irony.

Let’s use their symbols against them or see the elite for the mad puppeteers that that are. They’re Children who ruthlessly rule the playground. They have all the toys and will not share. Let’s be Prometheus and steal their fire!

You’ll also discover that the number 33 is special to masons and secret societies and to just about the most dastardly and evil people on the planet. The joke is on them (once again) to those who will open their eyes and realize the truth.

Thirty-three honors Jesus Christ, a great man of peace and love, who was needlessly murdered by the Church, the Sanhedrin at the age of 33. Or, do I have it completely wrong on the point, where they’re really honoring his killing? Hmm, anyway…

TRY THE WHITE ARTS. WHITE MAGIC. We never hear of that in hell. We’re very familiar with possession by demons. We’re not so aware of possession by angels or simply GOOD entities (consciousness, energy).

I’m not saying, “Run to Church and believe a philosophy from the 4th Century like that’s the truth.”

Guess what the Devil has set up; taking your money; dividing you; controlling you and making you clash in holy wars? Does ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing’ mean anything to you?

What are the White Arts? Try giving, rather than taking. Try doing the right thing, rather than doing what everyone else does. Don’t hurt, help instead. Try thinking clearly. Have the courage of your convictions (when you’re right) and stand up for yourself and individual beliefs.

But do the research first. Do your homework. Don’t believe their media voodoo~ It’s stupid, fascist propaganda to control you. It’s bullshit. The Emperor really isn’t wearing anything.

Why is ISIS the new enemy? I mean why did they use the name “Isis”? By the way, there is no Isis outside of terrorists WE FUND (British Empire & Vatican). Why use that name? Because it harkens back to Egypt, the real Holy “Trinity” (also in ‘The Matrix’ & ‘Zion’). Isis was the Holy Mother and Horus was the Holy Child. She was everything good. Look what the hell they’ve done!

And they do this in his name and call themselves Christians?


By TS Caladan , World-Mysteries


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